#9 of 1001 Awesome Things: 90s Technology Conversations with Fellow 90s Kids

August 27, 2017

90s kids around the world cannot stop talking about the 90s. Being proud of ones era is probably a common (ego) thing just like how my Dad brags about the music and disco of the 80s and how my grandpa talks about the pre-war of the 40s

Earlier this night, my friends and I talked about technology in the 90s. We all experienced the same things but we just love to hear each other’s stories about growing up during the pre-Facebook,  pre-Youtube and pre-Wikipedia era.Here are 10 of my favorite topics/stories:
  1. My friend told us that his mom would reprimand him each time the computer lags as if it was all his fault. She would tell him to value his father’s sacrifices abroad as a seaman just to buy a computer for the family. In the 90s, a computer set costs a fortune.
  2. Can you still remember the first time you saw porn online in the 90s?
  3. My grandma would always ask me to turn off the internet so that she can call her friends. In the 90s, you cannot use the net and the phone at the same time.
  4. I also remember when Yahoo Messenger was your Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Email and Omegle wrapped into one. I wonder if people still use YM nowadays? I also remember Yahoo Chatrooms, Yahoo Groups and Yahooligans. A month ago, I already moved my work email from Yahoo to Gmail because the latter was faster. I am still a fan of Flickr though. Is Yahoo gonna die soon?
  5. My friend shared to us that during high school, they have typing classes…using a typewriter.
  6. I was the IT Club president in High School because I was way ahead of my classmates…in using MS Powerpoint. Back then, Microsoft Office was a complex subject and was part of the curriculum.
  7. Prank Calls using a real phone and a random number from the White Pages is a real 90s pastime. I usually do this with my cousins almost every week. We stopped when the caller ID was invented.
  8. During the early 2000s, which was still considered as 90s by 90s kids, Imesh and burning CDs became a thing. During my sophomore year in High School, I had a summer job at this sole Dial Up Internet provider in the city. My job was to burn music CDs for the employees. My salary was an unlimited internet password for our dial up connection at home.
  9. The rolling ball of the mouse, the huge and heavy monitor with an extra Anti-UV screen and the lack of USB port in the CPU.
  10. Encarta Encyclopedia!


What’s your favorite 90s story about technology? Comment below. 

Featured Photo: Pedestrian Lane at Shell Gas Station, Marisol, Pampanga, Philippines.