Half Day Random Trip at Subic, Zambales

Last Thursday, I have decided to file an emergency leave and travel to Subic, Zambales for a half day breather from work. Since I had no plans or itinerary whatsoever, I just went there, walked around the 3-km radius of Harbor Point Mall and took some photos. The gloomy weather made the trip better.


More photos here.

#6 of 1001 Awesome Things: Front Seat of a Public Utility Vehicle (PUV)

 August 24, 2017
If you are from the Philippines and if you are a commuter, you’ll know that the best seat in the vehicle is the one next to the driver. You have a nice view of the road, a clear reflection of yourself in the side mirror and you are exempted from passing the money of other passengers to the driver
Earlier this day, I got the front seat of the commuter van when I traveled to Subic so I took the opportunity to take some photos:
Untitled design (8)Untitled design (9)Untitled design (10)Untitled design (11)