Half Day Random Trip at Subic, Zambales

Last Thursday, I have decided to file an emergency leave and travel to Subic, Zambales for a half day breather from work. Since I had no plans or itinerary whatsoever, I just went there, walked around the 3-km radius of Harbor Point Mall and took some photos. The gloomy weather made the trip better.


More photos here.

#6 of 1001 Awesome Things: Front Seat of a Public Utility Vehicle (PUV)

 August 24, 2017
If you are from the Philippines and if you are a commuter, you’ll know that the best seat in the vehicle is the one next to the driver. You have a nice view of the road, a clear reflection of yourself in the side mirror and you are exempted from passing the money of other passengers to the driver
Earlier this day, I got the front seat of the commuter van when I traveled to Subic so I took the opportunity to take some photos:
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Three Reasons Why You Need to visit the National Museum of the Philippines

I must go to a museum when I travel. Fellow travelers often tell me that museums are boring. Well, there are boring museums like the National Museum of Myanmar in Yangon but that one was already justified because Myanmar’s real museum is outside their actual museum. There are those extreme museums like the one in Hiroshima and Hanoi which I find depressing because of their war and post-war feels. But one of my favorite museums which balanced the boring-depressing adjective was our very own National Museum located in Ermita, Manila.

Here are the 3 reasons why I love this museum:

  1. It is free! My first visit was during the Museum month in 2015 when the entrance fee was free of charge. Last July 1, 2016, the Philippine Government permanently waived the entrance fee to the Museum from its original fee of Php 50 for students and Php 150 for adults. So there’s no reason for a young Filipino in and near Manila to not visit this museum.

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