#4 of 1001 Awesome Things: Talking about Social Issues during Family Dinners

August 22, 2017

Family dinners are becoming rare as we age, or at least in my case. I moved out last year to be independent. But if my schedule permits, I visit for dinners and sometimes stay overnight. 


Our family dinner looks like this:


Mama will cook while Mama Cing, my grandma prepares the plates and the utensils. After preparing, mama will call us. Papa will wake up Tatang, my grandpa who usually sleeps around 6 pm. He must wake up and eat because of his medications. While on the table, Tatang will stare at me as if I am a stranger, no thanks to his memory loss. Mama Cing will ask Tatang if he can still recognize me. For Tatang, I am always a different person. Sometimes I am a family friend or sometimes I am his 18-year old great grandson. Grandma will shout at Grandpa if he refuses to eat. Everybody shouts because of grandpa’s aging ear. Sometimes I hate the routine. Most of the time I love it–the peaceful chaos of family dinners. 


Tonight’s dinner was different. We were all affected by the local news about the injustices in the country including the murder of the 11th grader by the local police. The country’s situation was getting worse. Mama, who was usually quiet when Papa and I talk about these issues finally gave her opinion. “People can now easily take away life as if they were pigs in a slaughterhouse”, she said. Grandma would tell us that he used to like the President, but because of the recent events, she started to loathe the guy. Meanwhile, my disoriented grandpa thinks the President was a dwarf. 


We ranted about the President’s leadership. We ranted why he was still supported by the people. We ranted why majority of the poor are the victims of drug related killings.


Most of our extended family members are also supporters. But I am glad that I am in the same boat with my parents and grandparents. We all believe that life is sacred, and that is something I am thankful for today. 

2 thoughts on “#4 of 1001 Awesome Things: Talking about Social Issues during Family Dinners

  1. As some of my Filipino friends who are staunch supporters of Duterte remind me, I am an ‘outsider’ and therefore have no right to comment on issues happening in their country, but I feel like I should speak up just the same. Two wrongs do not make a right, and it baffles me that people support vigilantism and ‘street justice’. What are law and order for? It was only a matter of time before this sort of thing happened, and still some of my friends refuse to see because they are either too brainwashed by the idea of a messiah that can do no wrong. That or they’re just plainly in denial.

    It is too easy to think of the drug problem as a one solution fits all. War on drugs? More like war on the poor by the rich. It’s always the poor who are downtrodden and lose out because they are unfortunate enough to be poor and without power or a voice. It’s a very sad thing. I hope Filipinos themselves will realise this. Kudos to you for your points.


    1. Hello there Luna. Thanks for your comment and I am glad we are also in the same boat!

      Anyway, It’s really sad that a Malaysian like you understand what is happening in our country while many Filipinos are still blinded about the lunacy of our President. Probably they’re in denial because they have this sense of security that once the war on drugs is over, their lives and properties will be safe. How selfish! How can you even support the killings? That’s unimaginable!

      Be a voice, and you will get killed too.

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