#1 of 1001 Awesome Things: The 1001 Awesome Things Project

August 19,2017

I love self-help books. When I was a pre-teenager, I go to this book store at the center of our city and buy these kinds of books. I even remembered having a book entitled “Teenage Book of Manners” which I found helpful during our Prom Night. Fast-forward 15 years and I am still reading self-help books. I read them simultaneously. Sometimes I skim them and I can finish them in one sitting. Sometimes I sit down, take down notes, and read each sentence carefully


I am currently reading two books now, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Neil Pasricha’s The Happiness Equation. Big Magic talks about the mystical aspects of creativity and how ideas are alive. The Happiness Equation talks about how happiness is a choice. While reading The Happiness Equation, I realized that the author was actually a guy I watched on the Ted Talk site 3 years ago. He also wrote a blog called The 1000 Awesome Things where he documented everyday awesome things we take for granted like finding money you didn’t know you lost or the smell of frying onions. He wrote the blog during his dark night of the soul and as expected, the blog helped him a lot in his recovery. In his book, Neil advised counting our blessings by writing/journalling five things we are grateful for every day


So as a response to this, I planned on adapting the 1000 Awesome Things project and I will be using this site as a channel. Of course, I will not be using the 1000 Awesome Things tag because I am not sure if this was under Neil’s Intellectual Property rights.  Instead, I will be using 1001 Awesome Things. How original right? Pardon me for my laziness to think of another title. But of course, I will still maintain the minimalist theme of the blog.


That’s it for Day 1.


PS. I love Ted Talks too. I quit social media because of a Ted Talk. Read here.

Featured Photo: A Mime at Jakarta, Indonesia, October 2015.

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