Monday Recommendations – February 27, 2017

Yesterday, I was on my way to church, riding a Jeepney. I had to travel alone because my parents were in Manila to visit my mom’s uncle in the hospital. I sat near the entrance of the jeepney in front of the teenage guy wearing a white shirt and a red cap. Halfway our church, an older guy carrying a bunch of balloons rode the jeepney. He asked the teenage guy to move a bit and sat in front of me. I got pissed because the balloons were all over my face and blocked the entrance of the jeepney. I was actually in a bad mood that morning because my Sunday pants were all in the laundry. I had no choice but to wear the maroon pants which I only used during our office’s 80s themed party. And I had to commute wearing them. My mood changed when I saw the teenage guy looking at the balloons. He was reading what’s written on them and amazed by the red and blue balloons blocking the entrance. He’s fascinated as if it was his first time to see the balloons.

I realized that I have lost the fascination towards little and everyday things like red balloons, marbles and the sounds of birds chirping in the morning. Back in High School, my friend and I go to the Science Park almost every day to look for some Cicada shells, dead butterflies, curled up dead spiders and dried leaves. Then we curate them and put them in small boxes and our day is complete. We were so simple that dried things cheer us up.

Most of us have lost this drive to appreciate little things around us. Joel Zaslofsky, a guest blogger on Becoming Minimalists identified 4 Steps to Brighten Life’s Luster. Please check it out.

Aside from the article about the Art of Fascination, below are the recommendations I have for today:

Intentional Living: What it is and How it Works by Simple and Soul. According to Lisa, we need to ask the WHY questions in life in order for us to identify what matters most.

Reynolds Made’s Lifestyle Blog – Check out Kelly’s blog! She is a fellow minimalist and an Instagrammer with useful posts about photography and intentional living. She featured me on her blog here.

The 15  Daily Rituals and Habits which Help me to Win the Day by Rosie Leizrowice. Rosie is now one of my favorite bloggers next to The Minimalists and Becoming Minimalist. Her 15 rituals inspire me to create habits to improve my productivity, health, relationships and spirituality.


Minimalist: A Minimalist Guide to Do More with Less to Simplify Your Life by Olivia Telford– This book contains the basics of minimalism, how to become a minimalist, how to create a minimalistic home and some principles of the said lifestyle. You can purchase the book here.

2 thoughts on “Monday Recommendations – February 27, 2017

  1. I think it’s all about perspective! I used to really hate trips back to my parents hometown in Ipoh (which is two hours away from KL), reason being me, a city girl, found anything that wasn’t a shiny, glitzy shopping mall or building ‘boring’. I don’t know why but as I entered my 20s, I realised how pretty the landscape was on the highway and why I didn’t notice it sooner. That changed the way I looked at things. Now if I have to go on a commute or do something ‘boring’, I take a deep breath and look at things from another perspective. It’s amazing how stuff comes to life with the right frame of mind.

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